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Cruise Terminal Transfers

Cruise Terminal Transfers

For your Cruise Terminal Transfers, why not book new electric black cab.

The major ports are Southampton Docks, Harwich Port , Tilbury Docks and Dover Port.

Southampton Docks is roughly a 2 hour drive from Central London and Heathrow Airport.

Harwich Port is 2 hours from Central London and a further 30 mins from Heathrow Airport

Tilbury Docks is only 1 hour from Central London but can be up to 2 hours from Heathrow Airport

Dover Port is 2 hours from Central London and roughly 2 1/2 from Heathrow Airport

Taxi Transfers Prices

Mayfair to Southampton Cruise Terminal: £225 each way.

Heathrow to Southampton Docks: £230 each way.

Mayfair to Dover Cruise Terminal: £230 each way.

All other prices please contact our booking team on + 44 (0) 7846574174 or send a email to bookings@corporateblackcabs.co.uk.


Corporate Black Cabs are not an on-demand service and Black Cabs need to be booked in advance.

Airport pickups, excludes car parking costs, but includes 30 minutes waiting time once plane has landed, extra waiting time will be charged at £1 per minute.

Bookings can be made for a later pick up if required to avoid extra costs.

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